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The Rationale

Policy makers are faced on daily basis with different policy choices and objectives that, more often than not, are subject to inherent conflicts, implying underlying trade-offs that need to be taken into account. For example, if a policymaker wishes to construct a road, he has to consider a number of factors amongst others, the cost of the investment, its socio-economic return in terms of social cohesion and economic trade, environmental aspects, safety considerations and so on. How can a policymaker be certain that he has calibrated these different elements in a balanced way?


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The following list presents research projects from which Consensus project could benefit:



Consensus is expected to steer the interest of public opinion and policy makers in policy options that are the most important when it comes to decision-making. A shift of the focus of public opinion and policy makers in things that truly matter is an issue of utmost importance in a society where affected by constant diversions.



Consensus is built upon the assumption that policy making can be deducted in a multi-objective optimization problem. This policy model allows for a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the impact of the multiple policy scenarios that evaluate the objective set.

Based on that, there are two main Consensus projects outcomes: the Consensus MOOViz and the Consensus Game.