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CONSENSUS aims to simplify, predict and visualise the consequences of decisions in the policy making process by:

  • Maximising the impact of policies by accurately predicting policy implementation effects in multiple domains
    Consensus employs multi-objective optimisation methods in order to identify the rich set of optimal alternatives. This information will allow the policy makers to confront the realistic side-effects of their decisions, eventually leading to maximisation of impact.
  • Empowering citizens and echo the increasingly growing importance of public opinion in policy making
    This will be achieved through an analysis of public opinion as it is currently formed in social media and crowdsourcing platforms.  Gamification techniques will also be used to incentivise people to participate.
  • Mapping policy implementation alternatives to actual policy decisions
    Consensus fosters human - computer interaction mechanisms that will visually highlight the consequences of certain options and based on users’ feedback and will further suggest solutions that are more appropriate.
  • Educating citizens on policy issues and increasing transparency in decision making
    Consensus attempts to educate the citizens about the consequences of each decision by providing them with a tool that will enable them to visualize the various optimal alternatives.