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SENSE4US Research Brief: available online!

For researchers that are tasked with researching a policy subject that they are not experts in, and they need a quick way of seeing the key factors and citizen groups that affect, or are affected by, a policy option, SENSE4US offers a solution. Download the Research Brief and find out what is the solution offered that can address your research challenges and which are the benefits you gain with SENSE4US!

CONSENSUS @ 2015 Researchers' Night

Researchers' Night is a celebration of science and research, held every year on the last Friday of September in more than 300 cities across Europe . The events are supported by the European Commission under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions. In 2015 , the Researchers' Night celebrates its 10th anniversary and will take place on September 25. In Athens, Greece, the event will be hosted at the Cultural Centre "Hellenic Cosmos".

CONSENSUS Workshop in the EGOV 2015 and ePart 2015 Conference!

The annual international IFIP EGOV conference is the top-2 ranked core conference in the domain of ICT in the public sector and the public sphere. Each year, scholars from all over the globe present the most recent advancements and findings of research and innovations in e-Government, e-Governance and related fields of study.


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