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CONSENSUS Game @ Gaminomics event, London, 11th June 2015

The CONSENSUS Game was showcased in the conference “Gaminomics” that took place in London on the 11th of June, 2015 in which NTUA and ATC consortium members collected oral feedback.

CONSENSUS: Game pilot execution

Towards achieving the CONSENSUS project's objectives (, we have implemented a web game in which the citizen can toy with various policies and investigate their impact. We would like to invite you to participate in this game and provide us with your feedback that will help us evaluate our goals. 

CONSENSUS Project Meeting for Pilot Evaluation

The Pilot Evaluation meeting of CONSENSUS project took place at OXFAM's premises in Rome, Italy, on 11th of May, 2015. The presentations and discussions during the meeting are focused on Pilot's Evaluation Feedback.

E-participation to a pilot application in the field of Road Pricing - Your opinion matters!

The Consensus project is pleased to announce the launch of the Consensus MOOViz tool pilot application in two different policy domains, one of which concerns road pricing policy application on a project basis. 


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