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A novel modelling methodology by Consensus project

Consensus project works to develop a novel modelling methodology for use by non-experts that can be applied to any problem domain that requires reasoning and decision making with incomplete knowledge and uncertainty. The representation is based on Dynamic Bayesian networks which are relatively intuitive and compact, reflecting conditional relations between problem variables and conditional independancies.

Consensus project works to enhance better understanding of decision maker's goals

One of the major challenges in decision support systems, handling multi objective problems, is to extract the decision makers’ preferences. Accurate modeling of these preferences is an essential step before any recommendation on policy alternative can be made. The Consensus projects aim to create mechanism to extract decision maker's preferences based

CONSENSUS 6th Project Meeting

The 6th meeting of CONSENSUS project took place in Constance, Germany on 15th and 16th of July, 2015. The presentations and discussions during the meeting were focused on the following issues:


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